Winter Storm barreling for the North East.

It has already begun to snow in portions of New England but the real snow and cold will arrive on Thursday evening. Travel will be impacted for North East residents as more than a foot of snow is anticipated for some areas along with temperatures hovering around zero. Portions of New York and interior Southern New England are forecast to get a foot of but most areas will likely see anywhere from 6-8 inches. New York City will be in the 3-7 inch range. Winter Storm Warnings are in place for a good portion of the East Coast as 8-12 inches can be expected in New England and 6-12 inches in Southern Vermont. Near Blizzard conditions  can be expected with this storm with the highest snow totals in Southern New England and parts of Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. This storm already caused major headaches in Illinois after dropping 6 inches of snow on Wednesday. If you live in any of the areas outlined...stay warm and don't travel if you don't have to. Flights will be delayed and many cancelled, so if you have flight plans  please check with your airline.


Major Snow storm Thursday into Friday the 3rd.