Why I am leaving Social Media.

Well..that's not 100% true.. I will still be around here and there. You just wont be able to find any more of my storm chasing content anymore. Starting August 1st 2018 I am making a major change in how I share my storm chasing adventures.

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With over 100k combined followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Flickr Mr Twister has a fairly large audience. Its not the biggest on the internet but it certainly is not the smallest. Why would I choose to leave these platforms behind with such a big following?

I can tell you this was not an easy decision, but it is one that has been building for the past several years. 

When I decided to Create Mr Twister in 2010 social media was a whole different world. I would say it was in its teenage years. It was raw and unfiltered. I was nervous as all heck to start my storm chasing company online. Would anyone actually care to see my images of clouds, and would they have the same fascination with weather as I did? Well they did, and I was shocked to find out not just hundreds loved severe weather..thousands did. This was incredible. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to find all the weather fanatics from one end of the globe to the other. We could all connect, and I could share my work for all to see. It was really quite fun. Mr Twister grew..and grew..and grew. 

Go here after you read the rest>>>> EVENT SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 1ST

I was able to begin selling my photography. I was able to find people who wanted to ride with me on a storm chase. I was able to hook up with other chasers who I never new existed. I started a photography contest that included some of the best weather photographers on the planet. Heck..I even raised enough money to print a book that I still cant believe is actually mine (Thank  you again all who donated to our Kickstarter). Needless to say I am forever thankful. 

Then, it all changed. Facebook began to focus on profits (and I completely understand why) and I could no longer reach 1/10th of the people who were fans. The system became fragmented, and the community feel was gone. Politics took over. Anger increased. A misunderstanding involving a business deal cost me some friends. An online mob attacked my family on Facebook after I was portrayed as a thief (completely false) by folks who I had previously admired in the chase community. I was driving thousands of miles every season only to come back and share my work for free with the few people who could see it.  Social media changed.

Everything happens for a reason. I believe in focusing on the door that is cracking open vs the one that already slammed shut. I plugged along researching, and hunting for an alternative. Then I stumbled on to Patreon. At first I was skeptical. How was I going to get everyone to make a switch and subscribe to my content monthly? Then it dawned on me. Its ok if not everyone comes along. Fans that are avid Mr Twister followers will no question make this move with me. After all, you dedicated followers who have stuck with me through the thick and thin deserve a VIP spot to yourself. I can create better and more engaging content for the people who are willing to subscribe (for a very affordable price) to my Patreon page. It does not matter to me if 10 or 1000 people subscribe. I know these fans will actually see my work, appreciate the effort and we can both avoid the headache of social media. This is going to be so much fun! 

I am beyond excited. It feels as though a weight has been lifted. Yes this will cost you some of your hard earned money. I take that very seriously. Trust me when I say..it will be worth every penny. Ye,s some will be frustrated and not deem my content worth paying for. I am ok with that. The good news. You wont be obligated to keep your subscription. The lowest subscription level will be $1 a month. That equates to two Starbucks Venti, Carmel, Latte, extra foam, skinny, upside down with two Splenda's coffees...a year. 

Ok great Zach..but what do we get as a subscriber? Great question. Subscription levels will be released soon but this is teaser. 

Chase day target live cast. Monthly weather education/Q&A/Outlook podcast. Signed prints shipped twice a year. Monthly full resolution images given with unlimited usage. New images shared almost daily..you will be the only ones to view them. Free copy of The Anatomy of Severe Weather. VIP live chase feed. Full video releases of every chase. Photography and chase training classes. Mr Twister merchandise, Monthly historical weather blog. And..much much more.

I really want this to be interactive, so feel free to give me feedback on what you would like to see! Time to make the leap! Those who come will be highly rewarded. Those who do not. No hard feelings. 

Now for some details: 

My address will be https://www.patreon.com/tornadochaser and you will be able to subscribe to my specific account on August 1st. This does not mean I will abandon all current social media accounts, but what and how much I share will be limited. One thing is certain, I will not share any storm chasing content after August 1st anywhere except on Patreon. It would not be fair to those that subscribe, and I want to reward subscribers in a big way! 

Thank you to those that subscribe. You are in for an awesome ride! Thank you to those that do not subscribe for all of your support up to this point. It would not have been possible without you. 

Join the event below so you do not forget. 

Chase With Passion! 

Zach Roberts

Mr Twister