Tornadoes rake the Upper Mid West

Tornadic storms are marching across portions of the Ohio Valley as I type this. Over 55 (some likely duplicate reports) tornadoes have been reported with more likely this evening. In all over 200 severe reports have been tabulated for this November outbreak. Early this morning the National Weather service issued a rare High Risk outlook for severe weather. As the day progressed it was clear that strong, long lived tornadoes were going to likely. Several Particularly Dangerous Situation tornado watches were issued from Illinois to Ohio. Storms initiated in Western Illinois and tornadoes began to form almost immediately. A very large tornado tracked through central Illinois hitting the cities of Eastern Peoria and Washington causing catastrophic damage and at least one reported fatality. Large damaging tornadoes have also been reported in Indiana and Kentucky. This event will likely rival the worst severe weather outbreaks on record for November when it is said and done. November tornado events are not all that uncommon and the month is sometimes referred to as the 2nd tornado season. Please keep all of the victims in your prayers.




Tornado photographed near Washington Illinois by Karen a resident.

Tornado damage in Pekin Illinois shot by a resident.

High Risk for severe weather 11/17