Top 10 Weather Photographs: 09/17/2018


WEATHER SNAPSHOT GROUP ON September 3rd-9th 2018

 #1 Cathy Franklin‎ (261 Likes)

Portrait of a monsoon thunderstorm.

#2 Ronald Kotinsky‎ (224 Likes)

Cruise Ship Electric Slide - Tampa Bay - Aug. 2018 — in Tampa, Florida.

#3 Stavros Kesedakis‎ (218 Likes)

supercell at dusk in Kansas right after the Geuda Springs tornado on May 14th

#4 Jacob Berg‎‎ (191 Likes)

One of four tornadoes yesterday in southwest North Dakota. At approximately 6pm, funnels started dropping from supercells moving through the area. It was the first tornado I’ve ever seen in person!

#5 ToniDee Colon‎ (191 Likes)

Thank you, so much...for accepting me, to this wonderful group!
My first share, is a photo taken,
this morning🌸
📷:taken with an iPhone 5s
Safety Harbor, FL

#6 David Mayhew‎ (189 Likes)

A cold front crossed Lake Michigan this afternoon, pictured here at the Harbor in Holland Michigan

#7 Ron Morgan‎ (183 Likes)

A lenticular cloud, stationary over the Santa Rosa mountains much of the day, turns purple at sunset. - North Palm Springs, California — in North Palm Springs, California.

#8 Eric Burke‎ (170 Likes)

Off the coast of Treasure Island FL last night 9-2-18

#9 Danny Crocker-Jensen‎ (149 Likes)

Smile! This crawler was such a poser! — inWardsville, Missouri.

#10 Jack Corso‎ (135 Likes)

Pampa, Texas. Triple CG. May 1995.

Rising Stars

Ohio storms today. My first real good lightning picture I can't wait to keep practicing!!!

Wicked severe weather approaching Oklahoma City on July 8, 2016.

Got a present on the way home from vacation over the holiday weekend 🎁🎁🎁

September 3, 2018; Shipshewana, IN

Mesa , AZ . ~ 09/02/18