Top 10 Weather Photographs: 09/10/2018


WEATHER SNAPSHOT GROUP ON August 27th-September 2nd 2018

 “Positive Strike in Arizona"



 #1 Cathy Franklin‎ (289 Likes)

A stunning, positive strike over Wilcox, AZ last night.

#2 Ronald Kotinsky‎ (285 Likes)

Morning Radiance - Anti-Crepuscular Rays - Aug 2018 - - the best I have ever seen with a full moon.

The moon has not been SHOPPED into the sky, yes you are looking West and the sunrise is behind me. I was told huge cumulonimbus clouds on the East coast of Florida caused the morning sunrise to split nicely as the moon set. 

Read more if you do not believe

#3 Josiah Maas (282 Likes)

Spaceship mesocyclone spinning on the IN/IL state line at sunset Saturday night. Proof that Midwest supercells can and do give Plains supercells some stiff competition sometimes.

#4 Tammy Stidling‎ (260 Likes)

Another shot of yesterday’s roll cloud rolling over
Bradenton Florida 😮🙄

#5 Aaron Miller‎‎ (206 Likes)

Looking East in Warren County, IA on 9/1.

#6 Ron Pelton Jr‎ (191 Likes)

We to get some powerful lightning here in Arizona this is a single image with the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona

#7 Luca Vezzosi‎ (183 Likes)

Liguria, Italy

#8 Stavros Kesedakis‎ (172 Likes)

An amazing sculpted tornado warned supercell in Waynoka Oklahoma on May 29th .This produced a brief rain/dust wrapped tornado

#9 Carina Lichtenberg‎ (165 Likes)

Foggy Sunrise Netherlands this morning.

#10 Tom Trott‎ (162 Likes)

High Plains Magic! On this day we left Salina, Kansas in the morning to North Eastern Colorado as our target for the day. Later that afternoon there would be a large slow moving tornado within walking distance of the hotel we left in the morning. The gamble paid off as we witnessed one of the most stunning supercells I have seen, I never forget jumping out of the van at this point to see how things looked. Jaws hit the floor as this spectacular storm dominated the huge open skies near Julesburg, colorado. May 28th, 2013. Youtube Chanel -

Rising Stars

Hole in the sky on a rainy day. North Texas - 2018

Surrounded By Storms at Dawn 
Fort Lauderdale Beach 

I like our airport 😊😊😊 (1.9.2018 Poličná CZE)

Cell phone shot, Parker, CO 8/31/18

My lightning shot of the year tonight outside of high more SD!!