Lightning Photography Spotlight: "Electric Power"

Lightning Photography Quitting is never an option in storm chasing. This is easier said than done. On May 18th of 2013 several picturesque tornadoes touched down near Rozel Kansas. Unfortunately, I made several errors in my forecasting and ended up about an hour South of these tornadoes. My frustration was boiling over after missing these tornadoes and on this first day of a three day chase all I wanted to do was head back to camp and go to bed. Missing tornadoes because you chose not to chase is frustrating. Missing tornadoes because you made an error in your forecast is very frustrating. Missing tornadoes less than an hour to the North of your location is the most frustrating thing in storm chasing. It happens, and you can choose to let your frustration fester and possibly cause you to miss the next photo opportunity or you can suck it up and move on. I chose the latter this night, and boy was I rewarded. The electricity in the air over North Central Oklahoma on this evening was incredible. Several storms were roaming the landscape that evening. None of them were severe, they did not have wind, hail or tornadoes but for some reason they were packed with energy. I sat in one spot for over two hours as the sky lit up like the fourth of July. It was an incredible feeling being alone with this only sound a distant train and the hum of this group of buildings in front of me. Crawler lightning reached across the sky like tiny fingers allowing me to capture some of my best lightning shots to date. What a night, and as I drove back to head to bed for the night I realized that my persistence paid off. Lightning photography is never easy and neither is storm chasing. Both require patience and determination.

Subject: Lightning Photography

Storm Chase Location: Alva, Oklahoma

Storm Chase Date: May 19th. 2013

Storm Chaser: Zach Roberts

Camera Settings:

Camera Pentax K-x
Exposure 25
Aperture f/13.0
Focal Length 20 mm
ISO Speed 200

Storm Chase Ride Along