Help Publish "The Anatomy of Severe Weather"


About this project

Growing up, we would spend hours researching and learning how the weather works. Our main tool would always fall to a book that had large pictures and text explainations. We would spend endless hours studying these books and waiting for the day that we could see these incredible acts of nature in person.

With these memories in mind, we decided to set out to create a book that was similar to those from our youth...but much, much more. We have integrated our passion for storm chasing, weather photography, and research into a common goal that we know will impact those with desire to understand the weather. We are developing a book, that will not only allow the reader to marvel at the amazing forces of nature, but will explain the dynamics and anatomy of what is occurring in the atmosphere. Utilizing clear overlays, the reader will be able to add or subtract detailed explanations of the meteorological components of the image. Radar and satellite images will give the reader a top to bottom understanding of exactly what is occurring in the atmosphere to create such an amazing sight. "The Anatomy of Severe Weather"" will utilize over 200 high resolution images of severe weather that we have witnessed and will witness in person across the Great Plains. We have a vision of our book being used in classrooms, Skywarn storm spotter meetings, and by the casual weather enthusiast. Our goal is to traverse the plains during the spring of 2015 collecting just the right images and have all of the components in place to release the book in both hard and electronic copy by December of 2015. This is an ambitious project, and we aim to produce a product that will be of the highest quality and utilized for years to come.

Who are we?

Zach Roberts is a business owner, veteran storm chaser and severe weather photographer. Jason Weingart is a veteran storm chaser, professional photographer and lightning expert. Savannah Williams is a veteran storm chaser, severe weather photographer and graphic design expert. Together we have vast experience with all aspects of severe weather and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. You can find us at our websites: Mr Twister & Jason Weingart Photography or Facebook: Zach Roberts, Jason Weingart & Savannah Williams.

What will be in the book?

Over 200 of our Professional high resolution images of tornadoes, lightning, supercell thunderstorms, and much more! The reader will have the ability to add or subtract a clear page overlay that will describe each image in detail. Detailed explanations of how and why severe weather occurs. Historical references to past milestone weather events Storm chasing stories behind the scenes to give you an idea of how capture these images

Bonus section covering project "Franklinstein" by Jason Weingart. The mission of contributing to a greater understanding of lightning, one rocket at a time.

During the 2015 storm season, Jason's lightning probes will be fired into prime lightning conditions to collect data in real time. Jason will detail his findings, the challenges he faced, and his contribution to the advancement of lightning research in a special section of "The Anatomy of Severe Weather".

Anatomy O fA Classic Supercell

What Type of Images Will Be Used in the Book?

Our goal is to use only images that properly outline the dynamic process that occur during severe weather. Not all images fit this criteria. Part of your donation will allow us to head out in the spring of 2015 with the goal of capturing images specifically with this criteria in mind.


Who is this book for?

Weather Enthusiasts Photography Enthusiasts Sky Warn and Storm Spotter groups K-12 Classrooms Libraries Storm Chasers Anyone who loves the weather


How will your donation be spent?

Developmental Editing: $3,200 Copy Editing: $3,420 Formatting/ Digital Con: $1,230 ISBN: $150 Graphic Design: $3,000 Marketing/PR: $2,500 Photography Content: $3,600 Franklenstein Build: $2,800 Franklenstein Field Research: $3,500 Rewards Cost: $3,000 Kick Starter/Amazon Fee: $2,100 How will the book be published?

To keep costs low we will be utilizing a print on demand publishing format. Self publishing is very challenging and in order to maximize your donations we will be printing as orders arrive. This allows us to not have the weight of a large stock pile of pre-printed books on hand. This also allows us to utilize your donations to increase the quality of the book by not having to allocate a large portion to pre-printing.


What will we do if we surpass our goal?

We envision producing subsequent editions of "The Anatomy of Severe Weather". As current funding stands we would only cover weather on the great plains of tornado alley. If we were able to surpass our goal we have the dream of documenting weather across the United States and producing a follow up book that covers more than severe weather.

When will the book be published?

We anticipate having the electronic and hard copy available by December of 2015.


How else you can help

We appreciate your contribution to this project and the help does not stop there. We also need your help getting the word out to all your family and friends. Please use the Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter like buttons to encourage everyone you know to join in our creation!

We appreciate you!

You are the most important piece of this project. Without you and your donations we will not succeed. This fact drives the rewards we have created in the column to the right. Publishing your name in the book will be an honor for us and we truly mean it when we say Thank you! Please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions,words of encouragement, and/or general questions.

Zach Roberts-Writer, Editor, Photographer

Jason Weingart-Writer, Editor, Photographer, Lightning Research

Savannah Williams-Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photographer, Lightning Research

Risks and challenges

The world of publishing a book is incredibly competitive and can be down right cut throat. We face many challenges ahead of us. Everything from creating and designing the book, to assuring we have enough backers to fund the project, to the risk of venturing out into the plains to capture the images you will see printed. As storm chasers and photographs, we are "risk takers" by nature. Our interest in creating something that makes a difference and can be enjoyed forever outweighs the risks we are taking. So in our mind, the sky is the limit. As a backer of our project you will be rewarded not only with tangible items but with the knowledge that you contributed to something that will be enjoyed generations from now. Thank you!