Fan Photo Spotlight: February 4th Winter Storm on the Plains

A winter storm affected several of the Plains states today. For all the schoolchildren that got to enjoy an extra  day off, it was a blessing. Fans of those sparkles from the sky, welcomed the snow as it turned the landscape into a "snowscape".  For many folks across the nation's mid-section, today was an unwelcome reminder that winter isn't done with us yet. We received many photos, and thank everyone who submitted their pics. Here's a look at today's winter storm through YOUR eyes.

Jasper the Donkey Henson Robinson Zoo in Springfield, Illinois Photo credit: Larry Estep

Springfield, Illinois - Jasper, of the Henson Robinson Zoo, snubbed his warm, cozy stall to spend the afternoon on Snow Patrol.

Photo credit: Kim Clark

St. Joseph, Missouri - Heavy snow at Wyeth Hill overlook obscures the Missouri River below and the plains of northeast Kansas.

Photo credit: Dianna Lantz-Power

Wichita, Kansas - Snow isn't stopping this squirrel from grabbing some lunch.

Photo credit: Laura Kosht Ice

 Western Pennsylvania - Ice floes jam the Allegheny River.

Photo credit: Richard Vogt

Jerome, Missouri - Traffic came to a standstill along westbound I-44, as numerous cars slid off the road.