Andrea's Corner: Sinkholes-Swallowing Chunks of Earth


You have got to see this...

I read this story this morning and watched the video, this is a freaky video. There is a 24 acre sinkhole in Louisiana and it “burped” and sucked down a bunch of trees.

The sink hole is man-made and has been there since August of last year. In August of 2012 a salt dome operated by Texas Brine collapsed creating an acre sinkhole and it went from there. Eventually causing 350 residents of Bayou Corne to have to evacuate. It has since grown to over 24 acres and is 750 feet deep.

Another Florida Sinkhole

In Ocala, Fl. A sinkhole has drained a 5 acre lake dry. The property manager at The Woodland Villages Association noticed something looked different and called city officials. The thing I find most interesting about these sinkholes is, there’s really not anything you can do other than get out of the way and watch. Makes me wonder it this being the 2nd sinkhole in a few weeks, how many more lie in store for Florida with their geologic soil makeup. The drain took 2 hours.

A mini me

A small sinkhole has started in a Florida neighborhood, about 6 ft. long by 3 feet deep ironically on the same day as the Orlando sinkhole. The lady who found it, called the police and was told that is not their field. Then she called several other people, someone in the neighborhood then called FEMA and reached someone who knows about sinkholes, large and small and they said they would send someone to check it out. No one knows if they actually have yet or not. However, the people in the neighborhood are quite concerned, especially with Florida’s reputation with sinkholes. Will it grow larger? All you can do is watch, the lady who lives closest to it has put pink flamingos and a trash can over it so people will know it’s there and not step in it.

In the follow article, the science of sinkholes is discussed.

What I took from it is that sinkholes normally aren’t sudden events, they usually take a while to happen. The sudden ones just happen to the ones that make news, especially when they affect people. Or kill like the one that swallowed the man and his bed up this year.

U.S. Hot spots for sinkholes are Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

One thing I did not know is that there are actually people whose job is to fix sinkholes, usually smaller ones. Not the house swallowing kind. One such company is LRE Ground Services Repair. They have been in business for 24 years and business has picked up the last 10 years. Some say because of the denaturalization of the water systems in Florida. Mostly done by farmers for agriculture purposes. Florida with its everglades has been managing water systems for centuries. You can’t take away from the earth without expecting consequences. Some of these sinkholes are natural from excess rain but a lot of them are man-made disasters. They go in and they pump concrete down into these developing sinkholes or sometimes a chemical mixture to adhere to the soil.

Reported Sinkholes

A sinkhole that developed in Oxford, Alabama has cost the city $1 million to just repair the sinkhole, that’s not including the prep. Limestone and dolomite are found in Alabama and where there are those 2, sinkholes happen because water eats away at both of those types of rock .Whether by natural causes or man-made.  Sinkholes are on the rise in Calhoun County, Alabama.


A $1.08 million federal grant will allow the Florida Geological Survey, in conjunction with the Florida Division of Emergency Management “- See more at:

They’ll begin looking into this situation this fall, considering the current sinkhole situation in Florida (and elsewhere for that matter), it’s probably a good idea.

In this article I learned that acidic water dissolving bedrock is called “Karst”.And that Eastern Tennessee has a developing sink hole issue, that’s been going on for over 40 years. There are 2 types of sinkholes, solution sinkholes that happen gradually and collapsed sinkholes that happen suddenly. And

That it’s primarily called by lowering ground water levels, whether it happens naturally or people pumping it out. Lots interesting tidbits.

From what I’ve learned from all the articles I’ve reviewed about sinkholes. They, like severe weather require a certain mixture of ingredients, limestone, water and deterioration. Whether it be man-made, from people taking away from the Earth rather than putting back or natural as a result of excess rain or lowering of water tables. They happen in a variety of states, semi-tropical or not. It happens in urban and rural areas, and if it happens in an urban area, it costs a lot of money to fix.

Sinkholes, they happen.

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