The Anatomy of Severe Weather in Tornado Alley

It is with great excitement that I announce an ambitious project titled "The Anatomy of Severe Weather in Tornado Alley". This will be a coffee table weather book at its core but what is inside the book will be something unparalleled.

As a child, I would spend hours researching and learning how the weather works. My main tool would always fall to a book that had large pictures and text explaining these pictures. I would spend endless hours studying these books and waiting for the day that I could see these incredible acts of nature in person.

Anatomy O fA Classic Supercell

With these memories in mind I decided to set out to create a book that was similar to those from my youth...but much much more. Integrating my photography, the photography and research of lightning guru Jason Weingart, and the graphic design talent of  Savannah Williams, we are developing a book, that will not only allow the reader to marvel at the acts of nature we witness as storm chasers, but it will explain the dynamics and anatomy of the image. Utilizing clear overlays the reader will be able to add or subtract detailed explanations of the meteorological components of the image. Radar and satellite images will give the reader a top to bottom understanding of exactly what is occurring in the atmosphere to create such an amazing sight.

"The Anatomy of Severe Weather in Tornado Alley" will utilize over 200 high resolution images of severe weather that we have witnessed in person across the Great Plains. We have a vision of our book being used in classrooms, Skywarn storm spotter meetings, and by the casual weather enthusiast. Our goal is to traverse the plains during the spring of 2015 collecting just the right images and have all of the components in place to release the book in both hard and electronic copy by November of 2015. This is an ambitious project and we aim to produce a product that will be of the highest quality, that will be utilized by many, for years to come. A project this size will require your help and we will be initiating a Kick Starter campaign in January of 2015. We will be rewarding backers of our project with everything from first run autographed prints of the book to framed prints of some of our favorite weather photos. Please keep an eye out for more information and news on this project by following Zach Roberts and watch for the release of our Kick Starter.

Anatomy of a Tornadic Supercell


We are so very thankful to each and every one of you for making this dream a reality and thank you for your support in advance. If you have questions or suggestions please email or send a quick message via social media. We are all very responsive to questions, comments and well wishes and are in agreement that without you...this just wont be possible.

We are accepting donations in advance of the release of our Kickstarter campaign via Pay Pal using the button below.


Thank you everyone!